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WEBSITE MAINTENANCE – Keep your site safe and secure and avoid risking potential downtime

Your website is an invaluable business resource which is visited by your existing and potential customers every day.

Web technologies are constantly changing, and vulnerabilities in web software are regularly exploited by hackers, and fixed by developers.

Making the complicated seem simple!

To keep pace with the changes, we’ve put together some great value packages to help keep your site safe, secure and in tip-top condition.

How is my website like my car?

When you buy a car you should maintain it regularly to keep it running smoothly.

If you buy it, fuel it and then drive it about for a few years without doing anything more to it, it can end up in disaster.

Regular maintenance is key.

What’s this got to do with websites?

If you’re not updating your core WordPress code and theme files as the updates become available, you leave your site open to malware and viruses, hackers, and other security risks.

You could also suffer penalties from Google and Bing in terms of search engine rankings.

You may want to refresh the design of your site every year or two, but you should certainly keep up to date with these important changes on a regular monthly basis.

Our packages are designed not only to meet your budget, but also to offer peace of mind.

They are there to keep your site healthy, and should the worst happen we can restore your site from backup.

Think of it the same way you think about servicing your car. In much the same way, a maintenance plan does not absolutely guarantee you against threats, but it will certainly mitigate them.

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Website Maintenance Packages

Most  small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to edit and maintain their own websites.  We can help by looking after your site and keep everything in tip-top condition. Plans to suit all budgets.


Great value, simple support



Basic Includes

Budget support to keep your website safe. Ideal if you don’t change the site very often.





Standard Includes

All of the basic plan, with a little extra in terms of security, website updates and support. Our most popular plan.


For those that need more



Premium Includes

All of Standard plan, plus extra maintenance, security & new content creation.

* This is the total time for changes / updates to content, WordPress Core and plugins

Need more, or prefer ad-hoc changes (or just like living on the edge)? No problem – additional work is charged at £60 per hour.

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